Ofra Avni fell in love with the special voice of the Indian bamboo flute, the bansuri, after many years of playing the classic silver flute. By then she has already studied western classical music and Jazz, played with GBYSO (Greater Boston Youth Symphonic Orchestra) and other youth orchestras, participate in a number of chamber music groups and study Jazz improvisation in “Rimon” school of music in Israel.


In 1999 she her attention was attracted by ethnic music in general and classical Indian music in particular. This lead to her trip to India where she was exposed to the bansuri flute and started playing it.


A few months after her return to Israel, she had the opportunity to meet, here of all places, the famous Indian bansuri player Hariprasad Chaurasia. She gathered her courage to meet him behind the scenes in one of his concerts, which led to a private lesson before he continued his journey. Ofra realized immediately that she is in the beginning of a totally new way.


During the next few years she followed Hariprasad to Rotterdam, Holland, and  Mumbai, India, where she completed the first and second degree in Indian Music. She acquired wide theoretical background in classical Indian music, rich experience playing the bansuri Indian style and knowledge of the principles of improvisation of classical Indian music.


During her studies Ofra was invited by Hariprasad to perform at his side on various stages in Europe and the Israel Festival in Jerusalem, and also joined a Dutch fusion  band whose members are among the leading Jazz players in Holland. In addition Ofra played solo concerts of classical Indian music in Holland, Germany and Israel.


In recent years, an intriguing musical encounter was formed between Ofra and the guitar and sitar player Itzik Yona, who eventually became her spouse and father of their little girl, Shira. Together they composed the inspiring sound track that accompanies Yoga video DVDs by Mira Artzi Padan. The enchanting music was compiled into a CD, their first (see “Purchase” for details.)